Mobile security.
Mobile DEM. Silently

Mobile threats are real. And real-time security does not have to penalize the device performance or its connectivity.

Samoby monitors devices, detects security or performance issues, and blocks threats by combining its technology on the device itself and in the cloud, with no need to derive traffic through proprietary servers.

Our approach

Every day new threats for mobile phones are detected, and you must rely on a partner that protects without penalizing the daily use of the devices.

The combination of detection and blocking at the endpoint, together with real-time analysis and granular rules in the cloud, allow us to serve any combination of corporate devices and BYOD. For any OS, with or without UEM/EMM.

Mobile Security Technology

Samoby provides real-time Mobile Threat Defense. Our open API allow massive provisioning, authentication and easy integration with third parties.

Network threats

Protect your employees from networks threats, even when operating outside of the company networks. Establish corporate use rules and ensure compliance.

End Point protection

Real-time endpoint security across all mobile devices, for Android and iOS, integrated or independent from any UEM.

Forensic and compliance

Gather enterprise-wide security information from your mobile devices for forensic purposes. Monitor integrity to prevent OS level attacks due to rooted or jailbroken devices.

Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring

Telecommuting challenges

  • Now that teleworking seems set to continue, monitoring the digital experience on mobile devices is becoming increasingly necessary to cope with increasing support costs and excessive data consumption.

    During the pandemic, monthly ticket volumes for connectivity issues have increased by 35%, while the average time spent resolving each ticket has increased by 30%.

Real-time control

  • Digital Experience Monitoring on Android or iOS devices can help troubleshoot connectivity issues, providing for example detailed historical measurements of WiFi connection quality, cloud service response times, device configuration changes, or hardware performance.

    It also gives measurements on user behavior, the most frequently used applications or the volume of data used by each application.


Samoby partners resell, build, integrate, and implement solutions that extend the capabilities of our platform and provide training to our mutual customers.
They can deliver and extend the value of your Samoby experience and investment.
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If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please mail us to

What does Samoby offer to its partners


Give your subscribers a clear advantage with real-time solutions. In a market saturated with data and voice services featuring similar characteristics, bundling a value-added service like Samoby allows our partners to stand out from their competitors.

Reduce Churn

Samoby services are "Sticky". We offer a small network of supervised and supervising devices of high value to administrators and IT managers. Our platform creates long-term adoption through first-in-class service, featuring services and advantages not featured with our competitors.

New Revenues stream

Samoby features improve use. They don't cannibalise existing services, instead complementing and extending the use of services. Until now, consumer and enterprise supervisors have not enjoyed total visibility and enterprise device control. As subscribers become familiar with Samoby's services, they invest in new mobile devices, new sim cards and data lines.

Marketing Control

Samoby services are available white-labelled and rebranded for each of our Partners. This enables our Partners to act as the sole provider of the services, and to fully control the marketing mix. Subscribers can only buy the service through our Partners. All investment in marketing by our Partners is rewarded with direct sales of their branded version of Samoby Services.