• Extend your security perimeter
    to mobile devices
    Samoby protects your company from mobile security threats
    while improving employees’ mobile IT experience
    and controlling the cost of ownership.

See how Samoby can help your business

Extend your security perimeter

Gather relevant, enterprise-wide security information from your mobile devices. Protect your employees from mobile networks and app threats, even when operating outside of the company networks. Establish corporate use rules and ensure compliance.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Samoby cloud platform allows employees to use corporate data services safely while on their own devices, allowing IT Services to remotely audit device behavior in real time, and block access threatening apps or networks.

user experience

Turn smartphones into sensors and have detailed user behavior and resource usage information, measure quality of experience of network services, and give a personalized experience and information to employees.

Decrease telecom expenses

Get detailed analytics of data traffic at your fingertips. Samoby can help you write and implement corporate rules for application downloads, data usage and network access.

Real Time Reporting and Analytics

Monitor security and usage events for smartphones and tablets in real-time, by individual, department, job role, or project.

Alerts and Mitigation

Automatic alerts and remediation tasks can be configured to respond to security threats, excessive data usage, hardware failures, and more.

Mobile Metering and Detailed Analytics

Quickly visualize and analyze information to identify problem areas, inefficiencies, potential overages, or security threats. The platform provides constant monitoring to generate informative, customizable real-time reports.

Resource Efficiency

Samoby uses fine-tuned technology high-accuracy and effective service with minimum impact on mobile data consumption or battery life.
The Samoby native app is transparent and lean, providing accurate information and controls while minimizing data and battery consumption.