Crowdsourced Coverage Map

Today many companies are chosing to get rid of fixed lines, and are giving corporate smartphones to all their employees or are deploying SIM based android fixed phone in their premises.

There are several advantages to do that, beginning by not having to maintain on premises cabling and PABX, and being able to ease remote work providing employees with work apps and company managed communications anywhere.

At the same time, new challenges appear, such as poor coverage in some company premises, which can lead to the opposite result to the expected benefits.

Other companies, as a multinational mining company we are working with, are deploying their own 4G infrastructure to give coverage to mining facilities in desertic zone not covered by operators.

To plan and troubleshoot deployment, the need for coverage map appears. But when available, they do not give the granularity needed to know the actual QoS of employees, and do not consider specificities of the premises: walls, trees, or any close obstacle.

The cost of traditional coverage mapping campaign made by a vehicle doing a periodic route through specific places can be too high.

Samoby brings a solution that can use any company smartphone or tablet to historical measures of the actual signal power received from operator by each device. Moreover, these measures are tied to real users in real conditions, so is much more relevant that any general purpose coverage map you can get from an operator or a theorical radio simulation.

With the information collected from each device, Samoby automatically builds an updated crowdsourced coverage map and can provide additional information about the actual cells the devices were connected to in each zone jointly with the quality of received signal.

With that information in hand, your company can take corrective action such as adding some wifi spot to be able to use VoWifi, add a coverage extender, or in the case of company managed 4G cell, adjust or change antennas or broadcast power.

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