Samoby UEM integration

Mobile DEM, compliance and security are adopted by small and large organizations, and workplace and/or  mobilitydepartments are the natural sponsors. Integration with existing UEM solutions means that a comprehensive vision, data and control can be provided.

Samoby and Microsoft Intune

By integrating with Intune, Samoby enables organizations to efficiently monitor iOS, Android or chromebook devices. Samoby seamlessly complements the Intune device management, offering real time telemetry and obervability, compliance monitoring and enforcement, employee engagement, and using Intune solution jointly with Samoby is the quickest path to a successful mobility strategy.

Samoby also adds to Intune the ability to define usage policies for apps and data plan, therefore giving you a better control on how company resources are used, adding a new security layer and taking control of costs.

Samoby and MobileIron

samoby and Ivanti Neurons (MobileIron) provide complete enterprise mobile DEM delivering sophisticated observability, compliance monitoring and protection for managed mobile devices, and an efficient user data costs management and employee experience monitoring. 

Samoby, which is delivered as an agent app, can be deployed transparently in company devices, and be operational in a few minutes.

Samoby and VMware’s Workspace ONE

Samoby adds workspace one realtime and powerful mobile digital experience monitoring for iOS and Android devices. Samoby offers an enterprise oriented environment, integrated with VMware’s Workspace ONE® UEM solution and successfully complements it, providing mobile endpoint obervability, user experience and data compliance management.

UEM integration Benefits

UEM customers can immediately deploy samoby to thousands of mobile users, with minimum effort and independently of company scale.

Have detailed analytics about device health, network connectivity QoS, cloud service availability, know better employee usage and needs and directly engage with them.

Set up comploiance and fair usage rules of each company and personal apps based on the country they are roaming to, hours, user group.