Monitoring field employees and facilities


Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is the process of continuously capturing and analyzing user behavior within a digital environment in order to optimize and improve the customer experience. 

Companies with field operations, such as in Mining facilities are increasingly adopting DEM as an important tool for optimizing their operations and improving efficiency.

For example, mining facilities face a number of challenges when it comes to user experience, including increased noise and dust levels, long hours spent working in cramped and hazardous conditions, and the need for operators to quickly respond to changes in production. By monitoring user behavior and tracking changes over time, mining facilities can identify areas where users are having difficulty and make necessary adjustments to the environment.

Operator coverage in facilities can often be limited, and DEM can be used to monitor user behavior in areas that are difficult or impossible to access. By tracking user behavior in inaccessible areas, Companies with field employees such as mining facilities can ensure that users have an enjoyable experience while working in the environment.

In some case, these companies may decide to complement operator coverage using coverage extenders, or even deploying there own 4G or PMR (Private Mobile Radiocommunications) infrastructure in non covered areas.

There are a number of different types of data that can be captured through DEM, apart from radio covereage, including user device harware health indicators, or behavior data such as app used or connections, or changes in configurations.


The Samoby Solution

Samoby is constantly analyzing how your mobile device behaves, providing with observability capacities, high level or troubleshooting reporting, and the hability to engage with employees or setup compliance rules.

Complement existing UEM and EMM

Samoby Integrates seamlessly with the leading UEM, EMM and MDM solutions to complement device management features with powerful real time experience monitoring, compliance and security.

Keep data private

Follow privacy laws and protect Private informations ensuring your device is kept safe and your data is not leaked.

Mobile User experience

You can fully monitor what is the real perceived experience of your mobile and field employees, and detect if they have difficulties to access your cloud services, or are experiencing device failures or loss of connections. You can hence give a better service yo your field employees.

Faster troubleshooting

If an employee is experiencing a problem, you have access to more than a hundred historical data point to troubleshoot their issues, such as public or personal wifi access point problems, operator coverage lack or device failure.