Mobile Security for Healthcare
and HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare organizations are increasingly using smartphones to provide better patient care when inside the facilities or even from home.

Mobile devices are managing more and more patient data, even real time critical data by using all kind of smartphone connected wearables to monitor patient health when at home. Protecting these devices is not only a question of privacy, it is potentially lifesaving.

Healthcare organizations also have to deal with shadow IT putting at risk patient data privacy, i.e. individual physicians taking photos of patient test report and storing it using a private cloud app.

As a healthcare provider, you are ultimately responsible for the security of vital patient data.

The Samoby Solution

Samoby is constantly analyzing how your mobile device behaves, detects and automatically mitigate both known and unknown threats and malicious attack. Users are immediately alerted to threats and have forensics sent to the security team. Samoby can as well enforce usage rules to control Shadow mobile IT.

Complement existing UEM and EMM

Samoby Integrates seamlessly with the leading UEM, EMM and MDM solutions to complement device management features with powerful real time security management and threat detection.

Keep patient data private

Follow privacy laws and protect Private Health informations (PHI) ensuring your device is kept safe and your data is not leaked.

On-device detection and prevention

Protecting against zero-day threats requires more than the ability to identify known malware. Samoby tracks locally all mobile device internet connections in order to detect rogue traffic to sensitive or unusual destination, at unusual timeframes or of unusual volumes.

Protecting devices and data

Samoby Mobile Threat defense offers an easy to install solution that will immediately begin to protect iOS and Android devices against today’s and future threats: rogue networks and apps, network attacks, phishing attempts, or possible web attacks.