Ensure Mission Critical service availability


More and more mission critical services are beginning to use Android based devices, and general purpose operator 4G/5G infrastructure, at least as a complement to existing dedicated PMR network.

Mission-critical usually requires grade performance in the following areas: Network availability, Multi-network operation, Coverage and capacity, Security and hardening, and QoS.

For that reason, operator, jointly with network infrastructure providers, are deploying dedicated 3GPP 4G/5G services including features such as ressources allocation, or resilience.

In order to maximize network availability, operators are collaborating to allow same country roaming for security forces, so that devices are always using the best possible 4/5G available network.

In any case, monitoring of actual network and device availability is paramount.

samoby monitors mission critical services availability

Samoby gathers information on network availability, signal strength and quality, ihelping detecting blind spots, in the areas where service is provided.

Samoby also do some synthetic monitoring of cloud services, measuring the QoS actually perceived by users when accessing these services, depending on where they are, which network they are using, or which device they use.

Monitoring mobile apps

Mobile apps are becoming essential for many mission-critical activities, but monitoring their digital experience is often overlooked. With the rise of mobile users, it is now more important than ever to monitor the digital experience of mobile apps to ensure that users are getting the best possible experience. 

Mobile digital experience monitoring can identify any problems with performance, user experience, and overall reliability, of apps and the devices they are running on, helping to ensure that mission-critical apps remain reliable and up-to-date.

Samoby benefits

Mobile User experience

You can fully monitor what is the perceived experience of your mobile and field employees, and detect if they have diffciuluty to access your cloud services, or are experiencing device failures or loss of connections. You can hence give a better service yo your employees and customers.

Protecting employee devices and data

Samoby Mobile Threat defense offers an easy to install solution that will immediately begin to protect iOS and Android devices against today’s and future threats: rogue networks and apps, network attacks, phishing attempts, or possible web attacks. Moreover, Samoby is able to perform local mitigation actions, by blocking apps or network connections, and providing immediate notification and information to employees and IT staff.

Complement existing UEM and EMM

Samoby Integrates seamlessly with the leading UEM, EMM and MDM solutions to complement device management features with powerful real time experience monitoring, compliance and security

Faster troubleshooting

If a device user is experiencing a problem, you have access to more than a hundred historical data point to troubleshoot their issue, such as public or personal wifi access point problems, coverage lack or device failure.