In regulated activities, mobile users are a headache

During pandemics, the legal obligation to send employees to work out of company premises has caused compliance breaches in many sectors, in particular for finacial trading activities. It has been a hard time where companies had to chose between stopping their business, or stop being compliant. In the case of financial institution uncompliance was a matter of systemic survival, and was tolerated for a while to ensure global market continuity not puting employee at risk.

Now that we have come to a new normal, companies are facing new challenges, such as the general use of new communication channels for doing business, including whatsapp.

Prohibition is not an option, as customer are already getting in touch with your employees through these new channels, and will go to your competitors if you do not answer and they do.

Regulation enforcement

On the other hand, regulators are now enforcing control on these new channels, and for example SEC has started issuing 9 figures fines for allowing trading activities on whatsapp without keeping recording of the communication between parties.

Some providers now offers solutions for recording voice, text, and messaging on smartphones, but you must ensure employees do not try to elude supervision using alternate ways.

Samoby compliance

Samoby can help you enforce compliance to your mobile devices users.

For instance, Samoby allows you to locally on each device detect and block if necessary, voice or video calls made from messaging apps like whatsapp. And for each of these calls, samoby can retrieve additional information such as the WiFi access point used and where the user was at that time.

Samoby collects comprehensive information on mobile user behavior and potential and actual threats to security or privacy.

More than 120 data points are collected and analyzed in real time, such as:

  • All Internet traffic, including detailed system and application connections to remote servers
  • Detailed history of the use of each application
  • Location history
  • Phone configuration changes
  • Connection of external components such as USB cables, SIM cards, or SD cards
  • Establishment of WiFi connection or to the public network


Samoby can then use the gathered information to apply fair usage rules, detect and block inapropriate behaviour, detect external or internal threats:


  • Internet and operator connection eavesdropping
  • Phishing attempts
  • Malware and spyware detection
  • Leaky apps sending private information to the cloud

Samoby benefits

Block uncompliant channels

Selctively block voice, video or text communications on any app. i.e. Allow text messaging while blocking voice/video on whatsapp

A complete protection

Provide your employees with a comprehensive defense against phishing attacks on mail, sms or text messages, apps and messaging apps and platforms

Keep trace of device usage

Keep a detailed log of app usage, connections, locations, temporary configurations changes, SIM extraction, external connection. Information can then be used for forensic investigation, detect shadow IT, or simply know better your employees needs.

Keeping privacy safe

Samoby does not analyze any message content, preserving end user privacy. Samoby is compliant with privacy regulation such as GDPR, and is ISO27001 certified.