Straightforward management of
employee mobile usage

Gain more control in the way your corporate mobile plans are used. Enforce compliant use, prevent shadow IT apps and data usage excesses.

Mobile Data Policy allows you to set intelligent rules about which apps and sites employees can access. Samoby helps you ensure usage is compliant, and reduces legal exposure from illegal or unacceptable use.

Shadow IT

Users might be using non corporate app such as private cloud storage, todolist or task management, hence exposing sensitive data to uncontrolled providers.

Samoby enables you to restrict the use of such app in order to be sure that your company data is always managed by apps you control and hence are compliant to your organization confidentiality and security rules and government privacy laws.

Data usage overage

Multimedia social networks and Video streaming app use have exploded in the last few years, and data pools are being used as much as 10 time faster. 

Samoby helps you set rules for data usage and limit usage of apps you consider to be of personal use (such as video streaming), avoiding having to increase your company data pools, or dealing with bill shock when your employees are travelling overseas by setting limits by country.

Group Limits and alerts

You can fully configure your data usage policy set up maximum limits when certain data usage thresholds are reached. Limits can be adjusted depending on user groups, in order to adapt to different types of usage within the organization. Users will get alerts and eventually their data connection will be limited to business apps or completely disabled.


Data usage policies can be adjusted depending on the country network a device is trying to use, in order to avoid bill shock when traveling overseas.


Real-time insights

Real-time insights

Our admin portal, gives you insight into your mobile usage and brings real-time analytics to your organization – enabling you to make meaningful changes to your policies based on the trends you identify. 

  • Usage analytics by user group, 
  • By country, 
  • By hour, 
  • By type of app
  • By individual app
  • By type of traffic: mobile, Wifi, Tethering, upload/download, foreground/background

How it works

All rules and traffic analysis are done locally on the device, in order to insure limits are applied instantly.

We do not divert traffic to a cloud gateway, hence guarantying data confidentiality, maximum bandwidth and not adding a potential point of failures.

Samoby benefits

Resource Efficiency

Samoby uses fine-tuned technology high-accuracy and effective service with minimum impact on mobile data consumption or battery life.
The Samoby native app is transparent and lean, providing accurate information and controls while minimizing data and battery consumption.

Limit the use of certain applications when traveling

Avoid unplanned overhead costs while your employees travel abroad, save time spent talking with telecom customer support.

Optimize resources

Get granular data usage information by app. Set the data usage limits by app according to group permissions, roaming country, or date. Reduce costs by eliminating unused app licenses. Using smartphones as sensors, monitor your network’s service quality, and receive alerts when a corporate application or network access stops working correctly.


Reduce incident diagnosis delay with real-time and historic data to identify root cause. Monitor network availability of both internal and external (public) networks.