Phishing is the most popular attack vector to gain access to networks and corporate data.

Despite the efforts of many organizations by investing in email security and spam filters, among others, employees use of outside networks and apps, means a new perimeter risk. 48% of phishing attacks are on mobile with more that 80% incidents outside mail. In data breaches, phishing accounts for 32% of the attacks, and is present in 78% of all cyber incidents as stated by Europol.

Mobile phishing

Phishing on mobile environments are more critical as the information is harder to read, added to the usual sense of urgency in which the mobile device is used. As phishing is categorized as a social engineering attack, mobile environment is increasingly targeted because of the professional and personal use of it.

Analyzing the mobile connectivity

With no need to divert the traffic to external servers, Samoby analyzes all the inbound and outbound connectivity of the mobile device, for every app or source, searching for threats, but preserving the privacy of the user as it does not analyze content, and anonymizing personal app information.


  • URL addresses that are obscured
  • Personal or corporate phishing emails 
  • SMS or Text messages with malicious links
  • Mobile Apps that led to download malicious plug-ins

Samoby benefits

Mobile phishing protection

Phishing and mobile are two of the most used vectors to exfiltrate corporate data

A complete protection

Provide your employees with a comprehensive defense against phishing attacks on mail, sms or text messages, apps and messaging apps and platforms

Silently protection, in any situation

Protection for your employees when they are outside the corporate network perimeter.

Keeping privacy safe

Samoby does not analyze any message content, preserving end user privacy