From a business standpoint, having an “office in your pocket” is invaluable, making your workforce effective and productive both at home and in the field. But as any IT manager can tell you, mobile device use has major implications in the server room – and in the budget. In fact, forty percent of the total cost of ownership for mobile devices is the result of data and voice expenses, according to IT research firm Gartner, Inc. So how can managers strike the balance between a happy mobile workforce and a secure data experience that doesn’t break the bank? It starts with the right data management platform.

In crafting a data management plan for an organization, managers could simply throw up hard data limits and blacklists. But that approach doesn’t fully address the needs of a growing, dynamic business. On the other hand, for managers to give and get the best experience, they need to see what’s happening before the bill comes in. Samoby offers the best of both worlds: a data management experience on a platform that offers real-time, granular analysis on app installs, user activity, data consumption, access-point strength, security, and other critical metrics. This first-in-class approach to Mobile Digital Experience Management (DEM) can help your organization implement its data management plan effectively, without the need for overly- restrictive global rules or limits.

Real-time data can protect more than just your budget. We help organizations with advanced Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) to eliminate the far more costly possibility of security breaches. Seeing everything “as it happens” helps your organization avoid potential threats from compromised networks, malware attacks, and Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks. With our real- time data management platform tools, you can see every problem as (or even before) it happens.

Mitigating risk and managing data use are increasingly complex responsibilities for IT managers, leaving departments little time to address user issues. But a significant portion of service issues can be solved “before the call” by giving the user visibility into their device and app use. By including user transparency in your data management plan, roles and responsibilities regarding device use can be clearly defined to the user, and limits can be understood easily. This can greatly reduce the need for calls and trouble tickets.

Our platform can give IT Managers at-a-glance information on:

  • The health and safety of data networks: IT can get info on the signal strength of trusted wifi networks at a site location, or the security of unsecured and public networks users encounter in the field.
  • The availability of data: IT can be informed of data quotas on specific apps, or get alerts when they’re about to hit an overall data limit.
  • The presence of threats: Helping users avoid issues in the first place, detecting possible malware apps, or alerting IT to unusual data usage or app activity for apps already installed.

In addition to providing users with empowering information, the Samoby real-time approach can allow IT managers to enforce the rules where appropriate by sector, such as: imposing data-use caps by role or app, enforcing safe practices by preventing 3G/4G data transfers, or requiring VPN use within pre-set parameters. These rules can be defined globally or by role/team/department, allowing for dynamic and easy-to-implement use guidelines.

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