Take control of mobile device usage in your organization

The increasing adoption of multimedia services like Netflix, YouTube or Snapchat, are exhausting your data pools each day faster. Whether using iOS or Android, Samoby gives you real time insights on how and where your data is being used, and lets you take action immediately.

Know how apps and data are being used and take control

Samoby gives you access to interactive and customizable charts to have insights on:
  • Which apps are being used, for how long, and how much data each app is draining
  • How many devices are using a specific application and only buy the license you need
  • Which devices are overconsuming data
  • What type of calls are being made

Define intelligent alerts and enforcement rules

Once you have more insight on where your resources are being used, you can set up alerts or even enforce limits on each application being used, based on:
  • Date, hour and location
  • Data pool used so far by each user
  • Country in case of roaming
  • Websites category for browsing


As companies are working each time more globally, overseas work is more frequent, and it is becoming necessary to be able to define and enforce roaming policies and rules to insure people can continue to work without being overcharged unexpected roaming fees. With Samoby you can:
  • Receive real time alerts when a device registers in a new country carrier
  • Define fair use limits for each application/website categories (streaming, etc)
  • Block data traffic if necessary