Lower your mobile devices cost of ownership and
include mobile devices in your digital transformation strategy

As digital transformation initiatives are being put in place, mobile devices are being converted into a workplace and their users must be attended with the same quality of service as for standard workplace. At the same time ownership costs must be controlled.

Be proactive

Reduce number of reported incidents with self-remediation and help:
  • Diagnose and resolve device issues automatically
  • Proactively solve problems before they occur
  • Give users information to solve problems by themselves

Save costs on Hardware and apps

Reduce cost of ownership by reducing maintenance costs:
  • Uninstall and stop paying app licences you are not using, by knowing exactly who are using them
  • Reduce the time you spend to solve issues by having all the information you need about a device‚Äôs life
  • Replace hardware based on need and real use

Be efficient

Shorten incident time to resolution by giving service desk all the information it needs:
  • Have a complete synthetic and historical view of all diagnose data
  • Identify the cause of a problem more quickly
  • Automatically detect and escalate issues directly to the right team

Empower mobile workplace digital transformation

Samoby seamlessly integrates within your corporate applications to make mobile devices part of your digital transformation:
  • Easy integration with ITSM, ITOM, SIEM, SAM...
  • Ease transformation projects by having up to date mobile device information in your CMDB
  • Ensure your mobile assets are compliant and secure
  • Report, solve mobile devices incidents and problems, execute common maintenance task using your existing Service Desk tools and processes