• Samoby fits into different use cases
    based on real-time and proactivity
    Whether deployed for security treat defense,
    continuous real-time monitoring and control,
    or Service Management and IT Operations purposes,
    Samoby provides a wide range of solutions

Real-time Security

Monitor app installation, web browsing, network connections and device configuration to detect and immediately mitigate security threat

Optimize costs/productivity

Get analytics on the time and data spent on each app and set up use limits based on location, group permissions, calendar, data limits


Include mobility management in your corporate IT processes by integrating our technology in the existing Service Management and IT operation Tools

Enhance mobile support

Improve HelpDesk efficiency by providing complete real-time and historical information on mobile devices

Use Cases covered by Samoby

Large companies across all sectors which want to be able to give a real-time response to increasing mobile threats, and do not want to lose company agility and user productivity and freedom by drastically restricting mobile device features

Mobile Network Operator, MSP or ISV willing to provide real-time and proactive management, anticipating end-user problems and reduce resolution times by help desk

Large companies across all sectors which want to complement their existing MDMs with user experience real-time monitoring, analytics, to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, control communication and M&S costs

ISV/technology cloud solution vendors that want to extend their functionality to the mobile environment through our technology’s OEM: IT Operation Analytics, Software Asset Management, ITSM, etc.

IT integrator or technical helpdesk service provider that wishes to offer added value to its outsourcing services for mobile workplace management

Mobile Network Operator, MSP or ISV that wants to offer a plug and play cloud service to their SME clients to monitor their mobile devices on their own, without the complexity and costs associated with MDM deployment