The benefits of mobile Digital Experience Monitoring


Employees use increasingly their mobile devices to access work-related information, perform job duties, and stay connected with colleagues. Organizations need to ensure that employees productivity and are using approved devices and applications, and that the devices are functioning properly. Mobile experience monitoring can help organizations monitor employee device usage and detect problems early. This information can be used to troubleshoot issues, improve device security, and enforce policies related to device usage.

By understanding how employees are using their mobile devices, businesses can identify and address issues early, saving time and money. Additionally, by identifying user trends and patterns, companies can create better customer experiences by tailoring services, apps and devices to specific groups of users.

Moreover for compliance reasons, many businesses want to know what employees are doing on their devices. This information can be used to identify potential security threats and compliance issues, such as communications being made on unauthorized channels.

Overall, mobile experience monitoring is an important trend for businesses of all sizes because it provides a way to improve employee productivity and customer experiences.

Ticket volume related to mobile phone is increasing

Since the pandemic, as a result of the transition to a work from home business model, monthly ticket volumes for connectivity issues have increased by 35 percent. This translates to significant corporate risk for organizations with a large workforce. 

New mobile technologies are being deployed

Most companies are evolving to a 100% mobile model, substituting fixed lines with smartphones, deploying VoWifi, VoLTE. Some companies are even getting their own 4G licence to be give service in remote areas.  Each of these technologies brings new challenges

Mobile DEM use cases

Field operations

Companies with field operations, such as in Mining facilities are increasingly adopting DEM as an important tool for optimizing their operations and improving efficiency. When people are working outdoor, and rely on their mobile devices to work, it is primordial to monitor both device health and network connectivity to allow them to fulfil their job

Retail Banking

Samoby can provide financial institutions with a solution to monitor and troubleshoot network issues with mobile at the branch. For example we helped a leading spanish bank to troubleshoot VoLTE and VoWifi while substituting fixed line with Samsung smartphones at their branches, insuring customer could always get in touch with their point of contact.


Hybrid and remote work bring new challenges, related to business continuity, compliance, and security, Compliance issues may lead to huge fines, such as the hundreds of millions dollars ones several great financial institution have had to pay for not monitoring their employee use of whatsappwhile doing business with their customers.
Mobile DEM can monitor, detect and even block uncompliant usage, such as using whatsapp voice or video for trading.

Resource planning

Having a clear view of the real user experience is key for an optimized ressource planning. For example some users might be using non corporate app, while they might not be actually using licences you have paid for. Some device model might be getting obsolote, and not able to run corporate app effciently. Some users might need more or less data depending on the activity they perform. Or your corporate Wifi network might not be sized correctly in some area of your facilities.

Public sector

More and more public servants are going mobile and are using smartphone apps for their daily work. Fixed line might be replaced with SIM based android fixed phone in public schoolds or hospitals: the need to have efficient enterprise mobility solution for mobile devices is becoming more and more urgent in order to ensure service continuity and efficiently troubleshoot technical issues.

Chromebook deployment

n recent years, some multinationals that had chosen Google Apps as their business productivity tool have started to replace part of their laptops with Chromebooks, illustrating that ChromeOS is already seen as a serious alternative in the corporate world. Samoby allows you to monitor the user experience on Chromebook devices, providing detailed information about the user perceived quality of service of the device and the cloud services it uses or the internet connection to proactively detect possible incidents.